Deadline for submissions for our next edition is 15th September'18.

    1. All submissions must be in English.
    2. Submissions should be emailed to They must be in Times New Roman, 12 points and double-spaced, and named in the following format: Full Name_Section_Title_Word/line (for poetry) count (eg. Jaspreet Singh_Fiction_The Last Sunset_2150 words) and saved in the .docx format.
    3. Include your name, college and year at the end of your piece along with an email address.
    4. The subject head of your email must mention the section(s) you are submitting to. For example, if you are sending in a fiction as well as a nonfiction piece, your subject must say Fiction_Nonfiction.
    5. You can submit a maximum of three works to the journal in all.
    6. As a general rule, previously published pieces are not accepted. However, pieces published only in personal blogs will be accepted for this edition.
    7. Translations should be accompanied by a copy of the original text (preferably in .docx format) along with a written permission from its author.
    8. Take care to attach all your submissions in a single email.


    1. The submission should range between 300 and 4000 words.
    2. You can submit a maximum of two pieces to this section.


    1.While we are open to articles on contemporary issues, publishing news is not our motive. A personal voice is what we will look for in the narrative.
    2. The length of the submission should not exceed 1500 words .
    3.You can submit a maximum of two pieces.


    1. Poems can be up to 40 lines long.
    2. You can submit only three poems for each issue.


    1. The word limit is a maximum of 1000 words.
    2. You can submit a maximum of two pieces to this section.
    3. Entries to this section will be accepted throughout the year and published periodically, independent of the journal’s regular schedule.